Hanjin Shipping files for Bankruptcy Court Protection – Update: September 1st

Hanjin Shipping files for Bankruptcy Court Protection – Update: September 1st

Dear All,

Please see the following information, and the below update received today from Hanjin Shipping.
1. Hanjin vessels are not allowed to dock at ports because port operators are afraid that dock fees will not be paid
2. Hanjin containers are also not accepted at the ports because of the same fear of abandoned containers
3. There are certain Hanjin vessels which are being allowed to dock, but are immediately held under arrest at the port
4. There are at least 3 Hanjin ships from Korea, Japan and China stranded off the California coast
5. Shipping rates will go up due to the lower capacity and increasing demand before the holidays. General Rate
Increases are already planned for October/November.

Dear Valued Customers.

We will be providing any information that comes our way to you during these times. What we have learned over night is
that most North American Ports, rail yards, and service providers have shut out Hanjin shipping due to the financial situation.
No Export Load nor empty containers are allowed to be in-gated to port or rail facilities. We are being advised that Import boxes
can be picked up, but additional fees to cover port charges, storage, or any other associated cost may be required in cash
payment by the customers.

To obtain these additional costs to retrieve boxes from the ports/ rails, please contact customer service for additional assistance
as they have taken the lead on this. For the east coast ecbook@us.hanjin.com/wcbook@us.hanjin.com phone 866.442.6546.

No other information has been provided at this time and we are still in a holding pattern as Korean Courts review our receivership.

Once additional information is available and further guidance is provided we will pass this along to you. Unfortunately at this time,
no further information has been provided.

We are very sorry this has happened and will continue to provide updates as they come in.

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