Hurricane Irma: Charleston and Savannah Port Conditions – Update Tuesday, Sept. 12

Dear All,

Please see the below updated notices regarding Charleston and Savannah Ports.

Charleston, SC:

Adverse weather conditions associated with tropical storm Irma departed the Charleston area on Monday evening,
September 11. Cargo and facilities at the South Carolina Ports Authority avoided any significant impacts, and we hope
the same for you and yours.

Gates and container marshalling yards opened at 06:00 this morning (Tuesday, September 12) and are fully operational
for the receipt and delivery of loads, empties and refrigerated cargo. Other terminals and offices are also observing
normal operational hours.

The US Coast guard completed a survey of the navigational channels this morning, and the Port of Charleston is open
without restriction.

Savannah, GA:

At approximately 2:45 on Monday afternoon the Savannah River crested below our docks at the Garden City Terminal,
and we are happy to report no water damage as a result of the storm.

In addition, hurricane straps installed on our empty containers and ship-to-shore cranes prevented any cargo, crane or
other infrastructure damage.

Assessment of our other facilities including Brunswick are currently under way.

GPA’s critical workforce has returned on Tuesday morning to prepare the terminal for cargo operations.

Throughout this evening and tomorrow morning we will be working with our many logistics partners to determine re-
opening of the port and river channel. As of now, we expect truck gates to resume operation Wednesday morning.

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