Importer Security Filing (ISF) Enforcement, effective July 1st, 2016

Dear all,

Please be advised that effective July 1st, 2016 for any late, incorrect or incomplete ISF filing, USCBP will no longer be required to send requests to Headquarters for review. USCBP Ports may commence issuing liquidated damages against Importers that are not in compliance. The USCBP announcement is as follows:


Current ISF penalties include:
• $5,000 per late ISF
• $5,000 per inaccurate ISF
• $5,000 for the first inaccurate ISF update
• A party can be fined up to two times (or $10,000) for each ISF/transaction
• Nii exams ordered at the port of discharge
• Do not load message issued at origin by carrier

If there are any questions please feel free to reach out to your account representative.

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**** Due to TSA Regulations - All cargo that is tendered for transportation - is subject to inspection .****
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