Maersk Line Cyber Attack Update

Dear All,

In regards to the recent cyber attack on Maersk Line, please see the below update from Maersk Line of
the situation:
Once again thank you for all your patience and understanding of the situation. We remain committed to do whatever we can to protect
and deliver your cargo.

We are seeing great progress in the restoration of our infrastructure, to better serve you.

We are open for business and are accepting bookings both via INTTRA, online forms accessible on and through EDI.
EDI bookings you made since Tuesday are stored safely and all will be batch confirmed early next week. All channels that have been
open are confirmed safe for you to use. Once again all bookings made before the incident on the 27th of June 08:00 are secured and
the data is saved in our systems. For those bookings that were confirmed, equipment will be released as normal and you do not need to
create duplicate bookings.

Our vessels remain fully operational and cargo in transit is being handled close to normal.

Around the world we seek to serve our customers best possible and therefore we are building contingencies where this is required, as
well as focus on continuously getting back to normal business.
Almost all ports are operational and running close to normal. We are pleased to share that since yesterday, we have been able to
reestablish business in:
• Algeciras
• Tangier
• Callao Lima
• Mumbai
• Itajai
• Buenos Aires

We are still working on expanding our services in the following ports:
• Pier 400 Los Angeles. We are pleased to be able to deliver imports again from the terminal. We are also able to receive and
deliver empties. Our priority is now to open up to receive exports. In the meantime, we have diverted TP2 MSC Laurence to
TTI to ensure easiest cargo delivery. We hope to share good news and a full plan on this soon.
• Port Elizabeth New Jersey. Also delivering imports, and both receiving and delivering empties. Focus is again on being able to
receive and gate in exports.
• Maasvlakte II Rotterdam. We are still working on a solution to reopen Maasvlakte II. Our top priority remains your cargo and
we are therefore diverting services other terminals in and around Rotterdam, to best serve you. These facilities have already
restored systems and are able to gate cargo in and out. Despite these difficulties, in Rotterdam and as everywhere, we will do
whatever it takes to move your cargo to its final destination as fast as possible.

You can keep yourself updated on progress via as well as continuous postings on social media.
The site and social media are confirmed safe to use.

For more details on your specific cargo please contact your customer service representative. Many countries have already had their
phone systems restored, however we appreciate your flexibility in how to contact us wherever this has not been the case yet.

Many thanks for your business
The Maersk Team

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